Songs for Your Playlist

by Robie Day

Last week I intended to post “Jesus Lover of My Soul” by Indelible Grace as one of my selected songs.  However, I embedded the wrong track, but have included it in this week’s selections of songs for your playlist.

“Jesus Lover of My Soul” by Indelible Grace

The next two songs are both from a duo that goes simply by Jenny & Tyler.  Enjoy!

“Faint Not”

“Song for You”


TBR Recommends…


by Robie Day

I apologize I have not been posting in my series on apologetics lately.  I have been very busy with the start of the school year and the conference Dylan and I are hosting this weekend.  I plan to post again this weekend.  Regardless, here are a few articles I enjoyed this week…

Jared Wilson writes about the importance of the pastor’s ability to say “I don’t know.”

Michael Horton offers this very helpful article on making sound arguments and avoiding logical fallacies.

When it comes to tragedies like 9/11, Matt Rawlings explains that it is not only important that we remember, but how we remember.

Songs for Your Playlist

by Robie Day

When I’m in my car, I typically just plug in my phone and put iTunes on shuffle.  However, lately I have found myself continuously listening to two albums in particular.  The first is Joe Day’s album, Grace, and the other is Indelible Grace Music’s Beams of Heaven.  Here’s a few songs I continue to find myself replaying.

“The Foot of the Cross” by Joe Day

“A Prayer for Faith” by Joe Day

“Jesus Lover of My Soul” by Indelible Grace Music (ft. MP Jones)

TBR Recommends…

by Robie Day

Here’s a few articles I enjoyed this week.  Hope you find them helpful.

Mark Driscoll offers this helpful article on how to pray for our political leaders.

Tim Challies posted this article referencing Mark Dever’s What is a Healthy Church? a couple of weeks ago, which I think anyone contemplating the idea of leaving their congregation should read.

Tim Keller recently released his newest book, Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City.  I just received my copy today and have not had a chance to open it yet.  However, here are a couple of early reviews by David Dunham and Matt Rawlings that you may find helpful.

Worldview Basics Pt.4: The Sovereignty of God

–Dylan R.

Anselm, the famous archbishop of Canterbury, once stated this truth,

Thus, even should a human being or a bad angel not wish to be subject to the divine will or governance, he cannot flee from it, because, if he wishes to escape from a will that issues orders, he runs beneath a will that inflicts punishment; and if you ask by what route he passes from one to the other, it is nowhere other than beneath a will that gives permission; and the supreme Wisdom changes his wrong desire or action into the order and beauty of the universal scheme of things to which I have been referring.[1]

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TBR Recommends…

What up errbody?!?! I hope everyone has had a wonderful week. Here are a couple of resources that I’ve found interesting from the past week…Enjoy!

-Dylan R.

1.) Thouology– This article is from the boys at The Gospel Coalition and, I think, is important to consider. It is not just about knowing about God, but knowing Him personally and intimately as well.

2.) Kingdom Through Covenant– This is the title of a new book released by Stephen Wellum and Peter Gentry, both professors at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. There has been a lot of hype over this book from that community, and while I have not read the book yet, this interview at Credo Magazine was helpful.

3.) The Problem of Pain– I am in the last stages of completing a Theology of C.S. Lewis class, and this is the book that I am currently reading. Though many of you have probably read this, or maybe not, perhaps it is time for another look. The problem of pain and evil is an important one for pastoral ministry, one that we should always be ready to address the best we can.

Apologetics 101: Methodology

by Robie Day

Last month, we held our first Bible School at Grace Brethren Chapel.  Since the event was held throughout the week, and work schedules kept several members from being able to attend the event for the entire week, we were in need of a teacher for our teen class.  I asked Dylan if he would be able to help us out for the weeklong event, and, thankfully, he was more than willing. Read More…