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TBR Recommends…

by Robie Day

Here are a few articles I enjoyed this week.  Hope you enjoy them as well!

Joe Thorn explains how to pray for your pastor.

Dr. Al Mohler responds to the discovery of a 4th century Coptic document that has received a great deal of attention since being announced by the Smithsonian Institution on Tuesday.

This article is not a justification for myself, especially since I have not turned on our Wii in months.  In this post, Stephen Altrogge rightly identifies that the real problem behind an obsession with video games, or any overindulgence for that matter, is really not a video game problem, but a heart problem.

For those Tolkien nerds out there, like myself, Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit will be in theaters in December.  Needless to say, I am pretty excited!  Here’s a new trailor for the prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy…


TBR Recommends…

Yet again, it is time for some recommended reads from around the blogoshpere. Here are some reads that I’ve found interesting in the past week. I hope they can be of some service to you. – Dylan

Film & Theology: The Hunger Games– James Harleman is an elder at Mars Hill Church and spends his time analyzing film in light of Christian theology. Analyzing film is a great way to get inside the mind of our culture and provides Christians with a way to engage conflicting worldviews in the world around us. The Hunger Games is a big thing right now, and James Harleman shows how this story displays many important themes that everyone, and Christians in particular, find to be important. You can check out the article and video by clicking here.

Deus Absconditus and Deus Incognito– Jump into some historical theology and see how you can apply it in our day and age. Matthew Claridge, an editor of Credo Magazine, writes an interesting article on describing the difference and theological significance between Deus Absconditus (the hidden God) vs. Deus Incognito (the unknown God). Understanding these important theological trends and ideas from the past help us for today. You can check out this article by clicking here.