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Evidently Dylan and I both decided to take an unplanned, one week hiatus from the blog.  To be honest, we’ve both been pretty bogged down with school work this week, as well as preparing for the upcoming conference that we will be hosting in September.  (Reader beware! Conference plug coming in 3…2…1…) And since I mentioned it, if you live in southern Ohio and you are interested in attending an outstanding pastor’s conference, you should check out www.southernohiopastorsconference.wordpress.com.  Anyway, here are a few good articles I came across this week.  For some reason, most of them were about preaching.

Justin Taylor posted this important and challenging quote by Andrew Pervis, calling preachers to do what the were ordained to do.

Kevin DeYoung wrote this three-part series entitled “The Pitfalls and and the Promise of Expository Preaching.”  Read them here:  Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

One of the things I like about Joe Thorn is that he usually gets right to the point.  Here’s a short post he wrote on the law and the gospel.


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