Songs for Your Playlist

It’s Wednesday, and that means new songs for your playlist!  The first is actually a Christmas song, but I love the sound of this group so much that I listen to them all year long.  For the second song, I wanted to find an old Andy Griffith gospel tune to share with you.  And while I found many of his old gospel recordings, I ended up picking something other than a gospel song.  Regardless, I think you will enjoy it.  – Robie

The first song is from Folk Angel’s Christmas album, Headed Home.  “Go Tell It On the Mountain” is well known Christmas hymn, but this arrangement makes me slap my knee along with the song every time I hear it.

With the passing of Andy Griffith this week, I wanted to find one of his old gospel songs to include in this week’s post.  While I was looking, I found a couple of his songs he played with the Darlings and decided I would post one of those.  Then, I stumbled across this!  All of us know the famous theme song to the Andy Griffith Show.  You are probably whistling it or humming it in your head right now.  But, did you know there were words to that song?  Here is a rare vocal version of the theme song to the Andy Griffith Show, performed by Andy Griffith himself.  Enjoy!


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