Songs for Your Playlist

My first week back and I’m already late with a post!  Anyway, here are this week’s songs to add to you playlist.  – Robie

I cannot say how much I love this song, and how important I think its message is to the church today.  Lisa Gungor’s “Jesus and John” is about a young man who, as so many often are, has turned away from the faith because of the church and its shortcomings.  She concludes by imploring John to trust Jesus and his messages of salvation, not allowing the shortcomings of man to delude the gospel.  I hope you like it.

This song, “Only the Sinner,” is from Josh Bales’ album Underneath the Armor.  This is one of my favorite albums and I definitely recommend downloading it in its entirety.


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2 responses to “Songs for Your Playlist”

  1. Josh says :

    Hey glad you dig the tune! Thanks for the shout out. Here is a link to “Only The Sinner” here:

    • The Blessed Rebellion says :

      Thanks so much for checking out the blog! My wife and I really appreciate your music. It’s a great song on a great album! I’ll link the video to the post, and will definitely be listing more songs in the future. – Robie

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