TBR Recommends…

Grouped in a fashion similar to last week’s recommendations, here are this week’s recommended articles.

– Robie

Best of the Best

Our great friend David Dunham recently wrote an article for RELEVANT Magazine entitled “Masculinity… or Maturity?,” which was also featured on the Gospel Coalition’s website.

With so much emphasis today on planting churches in urban areas, I found Jared Wilson’s article on the importance of rural ministry to be very edifying.

Tim Challies continues his “The Essential” series by offering an easy-to-understand definition of the Fall.

Similar to Tim Challies “The Essential” series, Kevin DeYoung has started a new series of posts on the attributes of Scripture.

Okay, this article on snake handlers in Tennessee may not be the best article I read this week, but I definitely found it to be very interesting.

Helpful Tidbits

J.I. Packer offers five marks of biblical revivals.

Here are Tim Keller’s 10 tips for evangelism.

Tim Keller on answering objections, via Melinda Penner from Stand to Reason.

In this quick, 2 minute video, Jonathan Morrow from Think Christianly explains three ways to test the validity of a worldview.


Justin Taylor discusses the recent statement released from Southern Baptist Convention leaders, and the concerns from both Roger Olson and Al Mohler.

Keith Mathison considers R.C. Sprouls approach to science and Scripture.

Justin Holcomb takes a look at J. Gresham Machen and his criticism of liberal theology.


Tim Challies reviews and summarizes an old article from The Southern Seminary Magazine written by Al Mohler on the state of preaching in America.  I think it is a very important article for all preachers.


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