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This week I had a really hard time narrowing down which articles to recommend.  It seemed like every day there were at least two or three articles that I found to be very helpful.  I have narrowed them down as much as I can, but could not get rid of any that I have listed below.  So what I decided was to divide this week’s recommended readings into two groups:  “Best of the Best” and “Helpful Tidbits.”  You can pick and choose whatever interests you, but I hope you find them all as helpful as I have.

– Robie

Best of the Best

In his article, “I Chose to Sin,” Tim Challies explains how the gospel should “continually bringing the gospel to our minds, so it can be brought to our hearts, so it can be brought to our lives.”

I am linking all three of these articles here because they all address the same issue.  Lust and sexual perversion (although not a new problem) have become increasingly problematic over the past two decades, largely due to the growth of internet pornography.  Here is a secular article by Philip Zimbardo and Nikita Duncan on how video games and pornography are leading to the demise of guys.  Here, Russell Moore gives a Christian perspective on this same problem.  And finally, our good friend, David Dunham, also weighs in by explaining the relationship between sex and the brain and how pornography alters the way we think about sex.

In his article, “Parental Discipline Without Provocation,” Kevin DeYoung condenses Martin Lloyd Jones’ seven principles of biblical discipline for parents.

Virtually every one of us has unbelieving family members.  Jon Bloom explains that we have hope for those family members because “Jesus Also Had Unbelieving Family Members.”

Helpful Tidbits

Ever feel like your prayers before meals are redundant? Tony Reinke offers this article, “A Cure for Lame Table Prayers,” to help.

As sinners, we are really good at finding ways to minimize our sinfulness.  Timmy Brister offers six ways sinners try to minimize sin.

Jonathan Dodson offers several helpful pointers in his article “What to Say When Someone Says ‘The Bible Has Errors.'”

Justin Holcomb offers this short video on how to read the Bible.

Tim Challies always does a good job of outlining and explaining biblical concepts in a simple, easy-to-understand manner.  Here he outlines and explains what the Bible says about death.


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