TBR Recommends…

Here are some articles that I have found to be interesting reads from around the net. I hope ya’ll enjoy!


End of Evolution Debate- Paleoanthropologist, Richard Leakey, is predicting that the debate over evolution will come to an end soon. While I find this article very interesting, I’m not sure I can agree with his apparent naturalistic outlook on science; perhaps you will agree as well. As Christians we must alway remember that we are not at odds with science as many people (even Christians!) seem to think, but rather are against the belief of scientific naturalism. We must trust that the Lord of heaven and earth, who is also the Lord of science, will continue to sustain His creation.

Senses, Intellect, and Spirit- In this article from Paul Helm at Credo Magazine, Helm discusses the nature of how we are to use our senses and mind in building an epistemology. While Helm frequently quotes Scripture, I’m not sure we should agree with his conclusion that it is impossible to set up a “Scriptural epistemology”. However you come down on this issue, this is a great read from a great scholar who has had a major influence on me.

Possible Zombie Attack?!?!- While the events that took place in this USAtoday article are not the least bit funny, they do provoke me to question the possibility of a zombie attack. I mean, what the heck was going on??? You should just read the article for yourself and comment to let me know what you think…


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