Hitting Restart… Again.

Alright, here’s the deal:  Dylan and I have been slacking.  No excuses.  That’s all there is to it.  We decided to try to revive this blog last summer and proceeded to start posting in the fall.  However, we didn’t even make it into the New Year.  Our last post was in December (which was mine, by the way, so I am blaming Dylan for our absence!) and we have not even discussed posting since then until a few weeks ago.  When we finally sat down and talked about it, we decided we wanted to give it one more shot.  After some thoughtful reflection, we realized that sitting down and talking about the blog was something we never really did to begin with.  We decided to start posting, but we were just posting content whenever we could make time for it.  Sometimes we would just wait until we had written a paper for school and used it as a series of several posts.  In our excitement to get the blog started, we never actually talked about goals or any type of accountability.  We never discussed content, length, or the topics we might discuss.  Basically, we were wondering aimlessly in the blogosphere (yes, I realize that made no sense).  Needless to say, there was never any real direction for The Blessed Rebellion.  However, as a result of our aforementioned discussion, we have set up a small system of accountability for each other by committing to write one post each a week, and by posting at least one link to another good article we have read in weeks prior.  We also decided to avoid posting long doctrinal treatises or lengthy papers as blog posts.  We will still post them from time to time, but not as our regular content.  Finally, we also mapped out a schedule for our posts each week.  I will be posting my weekly post on Monday of every week (starting tomorrow, May 6), while Dylan will post his weekly post on Friday of every week.  On Thursdays, I will post my weekly link to a “good read” from the web, while Dylan will post his on Sundays.  We will also share other content from time to time (including web links, resources, music, etc.).  I am sure that at some point we will miss a blog post.  However, I think by giving ourselves some more accountability and by setting up a schedule for posts, we will be much more likely to remain committed to the blog.  Pray for us as we try to get this thing going one last time.  We hope you enjoy and look forward to your comments!


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