The daily life of a Christian should be nothing short of chaos, mixed with peace, and finally topped off with joy. On one hand we are fighting sin every second of every day, on the other we are protected and given shelter by an infinitely loving and caring God. Amongst the life of every other person on the planet, Christians face the task of loving the unlovable and bringing the gospel to hostile people. Every morning the Christian wakes up with a hunger for the Word and goes to bed praying for a day full of needs. While the masses rely on money, family, friends, and status to carry them through their lives, Christians rely on grace, mercy and love. One must wonder why people would live like this, why risk life, limb, and social status on Facebook? Why worry about sin, prayer, or glorifying God in all you do? Why be part of a Church and be involved with messy people that are more open than you could ever be with anyone, ever?

Gospel motivation, it is the only explanation. Motivation derived by the fact that Jesus lived a perfect life, died on the cross, and rose three days later. Jesus bore the iniquities of man and took on the wrath of God. Jesus took our sin upon Himself and imputed His righteousness to us, thus giving a pathway to Himself. While we were yet dead in our sins, Jesus died for us. That is why we do what we do, because of the Gospel. As a believer everything we do should be motivated by a loving and caring Savior. May the Lord bless you today and grant you a motivation that is found in our God and Savior.


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