Hey all, we at The Blessed Rebellion would like to apologize for not updating our site sooner. We have all been very busy with different things, but are in the process of writing new material. We would just like to take some time now and give you all an update from us to let you know what is going on in our lives. We love our readers and want to involve you as much as we can in our lives.

     As for Mike, he has been extremely busy, probably busier than any of us. Congratulations are in order to Mike for a couple of reasons. Mike has recently graduated from Wright State University with his bachelor’s degree and is now planning on seminary in the near future. Mike is also about three weeks away from being married to his college sweetheart. They have been very busy with the planning and getting everything ready.

     Dylan has also been very busy as he just recently finished up finals week and a large term paper for his theology class. There is much that was learned from this class and we are excited to share with our readers what Dylan has learned so far from being in seminary.

     We would also like to take this time to welcome our newest writer, Katie Warner. We are excited to have her as she is a great friend and an even better writer than we are. Katie has been our friend now for several years and her ability to convey sound theology and bring glory to God is tremendous. Our hope and prayer is that you will grow from her posts as we do. So welcome Kate, and we are humbled that we have you as a writer and even more as a sister in Christ.

     Again, we apologize for the absence of material on our part; we are working hard now at writing new material and hopefully in the near future we will have videos from us for you discussing various issues. We hope that all is doing well and we are excited to engage in discussion with all of you.

Lord bless,

The Blessed Rebellion


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