Noah’s Ark found! What are Christians to make of this?

        Apparently, according to an archeological team of evangelicals (Noah‘s Ark Ministry International), the remains of Noah’s Ark have been discovered in the region of Turkey’s Mt. Ararat. Now this certainly is not the first time that explorers have claimed to have found the massive boat, but this team is pleading the case that their find is the real deal. What are we as Christians to make of this fascinating claim? Before this question can be answered, more information is needed.

     According to the discoverers of the find, they are not “100 percent that it is Noah’s ark, but we think it is 99.9 percent that this is it,”. The team of explorers also say that the carbon dating of some of the wood fragments found on site, date back to around 4,800 years ago. If this is truly the case, then what this team of archeologists have made a very important discovery! However, while those at Noah’s Ark Ministries are almost absolutely sure of the authenticity, there are those who are not so convinced.

     One of the skeptics of the find may come as a bit of a surprise. Biologist Todd Wood, and according to National Geographic, “is director of the Center for Origins Research at Bryan College in Tennessee, which pursues biology in a creationist framework”. Wood takes a literal six day creationist view of science, but disagrees with the evidence of the find. Wood states that the carbon dating done by the team of archeologists has to be reinterpreted. It does not seem to add up with what is known about carbon dating. Besides, Wood believes that the Ark will never be found because, “it would have been prime timber after the flood”. A very interesting insight to say the least. Especially from an adherent of six day creationism.

     Along with Wood, there are other skeptics who look at the evidence differently, but investigating this subject does bring up some important thoughts. Even if this “Noah’s Ark” turns out to be legitimate or not, how are we as Christians to view such an event? What can come of this?

     Obviously if this were to be proven true, it would be one of the most important archeological finds in all of history. If this object in the mountain ended up being the real Noah’s Ark, then it would potentially have major theological implications on the world. One of the Bible’s most awesome accounts would be verified. What Christian wouldn’t like that? The finding of Noah’s Ark would be one giant step of progression in biblical archeology.

     However, though the verification of this find would potentially produce great curiosity among people, it doesn’t mean that it would change the over all opinion of people towards Christianity. Unless God decided to work in people’s lives, the discovery of the Ark would not bring anyone to salvation. I have often heard that, and thought myself at times, “if God would only let someone find the Ark, then people would believe the biblical narrative”. I’m afraid however, that would not necessarily be the case.

      Take Romans 1: 18-25 for example. Paul speaks of the fact that God can be plainly known by His “invisible attributes”, His eternal power and divine nature. From this Paul concludes that “man is without excuse”. As sinners, we have totally ignored and even hated what God has revealed about Himself in nature and in Scripture. If we were to somehow find the “real Noah’s Ark”, I am not sure it would do much good because of our sinful nature. It takes an act of God alone through Christ by the Holy Spirit to work in a person’s life and bring them to salvation and repentance.

     I pray that whatever comes of this Noah’s Ark discovery would truly be glorifying to God in some way. Even if humanity never comes to the physical knowledge of biblical icons, that does not for one second defeat the truth of the Holy Scripture. This is what it means to have a biblical worldview.

D. Rowland

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One response to “Noah’s Ark found! What are Christians to make of this?”

  1. Elder Larry G Stanley says :

    I somtimes wonder if global melting of ice is a factor for melting the region to dislcose the Ark. I too have studied this subject for many years. It is interesting. Love your article….Elder Larry G Stanley

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