What the cross did for me!

What did the cross do for me?


                Quite simply put, the cross saved me.  How often do we hear (and repeat) that familiar motto in Christian circles, “Jesus Saves”?  I grew up in the church and I heard that at every turn, and I thought to myself “Well okay, that’s cool”, it never really clicked what exactly he did.  Up until about two years ago, I still had no idea of the extent of the Cross.  I always thought that Jesus was nailed to the cross by Judas, The Romans, Pilate, Herod, all the bad men of the day; angry mobs yelling out “crucify” when Jesus is on trial.  All these things are correct, but we’re missing the point if we don’t see our faces in the crowd.

                In reality we are no better than those men who demanded that Jesus be crucified.  Like Judas, we are willing to sell Jesus out to get the pleasures of the world.  Like Herod we find Christ entertaining for awhile, but we get bored easily with him.  Like Pilate we see Christ and we don’t find anything wrong with him, but when the world goes against him we go right along with them.  A perfect example of the fallenness of humanity, despite his love and kindness we seek to do our maker violence.

                Before we can realize that the cross was something done for us, leading us to faith and worship; we must realize that the cross is something done by us, leading us to repentance.  Only the man or woman who is willing to share in the guilt of the cross can make a claim in its glory.

                The answer to the question, ‘What did the cross do for me’, is answered quite simply by saying that it saved me.  Of course there are tons of theological ways of telling people what the cross does for us, but in the end it comes down to the fact that the Cross, and the work Jesus completed on the Cross, saves us.

Guest writer,

Phil Linley


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